Sharmila Shanmugasundaram

A Wonder Woman

Sharmila is an epitome of inspiration and motivation. She works for underprivileged women, animals and helping people affected by natural disasters. She is truly the kind of change, what the world needs right now.

Sharmila Shanmugasundaram, is my wife, is one of the most amazing people one would get to know in their lives. She is not only a strong and independent woman; she spends her life and career working for NGOs for the benefit of the poor and uneducated Indian women educating them about maternal and child health care. She works as the program head of an NGO, Armman based out of Mumbai, which works with over three lakh underprivileged people to provide them with assistance over the duration of their pregnancy and up to 9 months and post pregnancy.

Prior to this, she has also worked with three other NGOs earlier over the past 5 years (Wockhardt Foundation, FRHS, and IHMR) which dealt with maternal health care.
She is an advocate for animal rights and has helped to save animals off the streets and provided them foster homes. We ourselves adopted a street cat (our own little Siren) in our home since she believes strongly that if we give them for adoption, we should walk the talk ourselves. Mind you this is one of the most difficult things to do in a conservative south Indian Brahmin family who usually do not support animals, especially cats, until one day she said a strong "NO" and picked a kitten right off the street and brought him right home. We have been his forever humans ever since.

She believes in animal equality so much that she has become a strict vegan (no animal products such as milk, curd or anything which has milk such as biscuits, cake and what not) and has convinced many others including myself (a record if you ask me) to take up to veganism as a way of life. She has rescued a monkey from an animal abuser and we both waited in the police station until 12:30 AM to get a rescue operation team to come and take the animal away for rehabilitation. She has walked across the slums of nine cities of Uttar Pradesh, several cities of Bihar, and Bellary of Karnataka, all to educate women and children about the necessity of maintaining hygienic conditions at home to reduce child mortality.

During the floods of Chennai, she found a volunteer base of 200 and walked via the drainage mixed waters of Chennai to 16,000 houses to donate 1 million water purification tablets. Under her persuasion, we also plan to start our own NGO soon to help more people. Besides all of this, she manages to find time to cook for our family every day and night and conduct courses in an online portal, Avagma.

She was one of the judges of an event in NMIMS Mumbai, which is one of the best B-Schools in the country. It is not every man who gets to say that he can look up to his wife as a goddess, a wonder woman, the perfect woman, and an inspiration. Her kind is what the world needs right now. Her kind is the perfect response to all Indian men who believe in inequality and a role model to a woman who wishes for equality.

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