Namrata Datta

The Wordsmith

To describe her in one word, Namrata Datta is a “wordsmith”. Everything she has achieved in life has been on the back of her words. And it is these words that define who she is. A woman with quite a few books to her name, it’s about time we read her own story...

Namrata’s is a story of struggle and hard work. She grew up in a middle-class household in a small town, but her ambitions were as big as anyone else’s. Playing to her strengths, she pursued a career in media - going from a casual announcer on All India Radio to riding the FM radio wave in India to working as a sub-editor for a newspaper. But her tryst with words and literature went beyond the workspace.

Her first translated book became an instant success. After which, she went on to translate the works of the renowned poet Gulzar, and we daresay, she did his writing full justice. But like every good novel has its ups and downs, Namrata’s life had some too. Like the heroes in our fables, she once voiced her opinions against the misdeeds of an editor to the honourable Chief Minister’s office. This led to the editor being removed from his post. She too did not return to the media world post this. Namrata moved on to writing for herself, and working for NGOs.

Between her newfound calling as a Social Activist and her age-old love for writing and media, Namrata is taking over the world with her words. And as an onlooker, we are lost for words!

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