Achla Sachdev

The Healer Fashionista

Jack of all trades and master of all… that’s what Achla is all about. After trying her hand at all that her heart yearned for, fashion and self-healing are what soothes her soul today.

From a model, to an actor, to a fashion choreographer - Achla Sachdev is known to put the “show” in show biz! Get her in front of a camera, and she can show you mood, elegance and serenity, all in one frame. It comes as no surprise that this self-proclaimed camera person was discovered by our view-finder too!

“Please make it interesting!” is what she requests out of every encounter in her life. Achla is here to imbibe more, and apply more. She started off as a model, but not one to reinforce stereotypes - a big believer of beauty with brains, nothing is more attractive to her than a book in one's hand and an interesting conversation on one's lips.

But her philosophy of “more” meant that she wasn’t one to be satisfied with just modelling. She broadened her horizons, quite literally, by becoming an air-hostess. Yet this wasn’t the end of her quest for more either. She later found her way back to the ramp, not as a model but as a fashion choreographer.

While her high-flying career was putting food on the table, Achla still yearned for food for the soul. After all, the star-studded environment that she worked in had its shadows. The negativity stemming from all the physical scrutiny and verbal slander was getting to her. She needed an outlet. In a profession related to the body, she needed to feed her mind and soul!

A chance encounter with a radiant and amicable woman led her to learn about the ‘Art of Living’ foundation. And thus began her spiritual journey, which included spending chunks of her time in Reiki classes, learning kriya, shivirs, and self-healing techniques. She found her first guru Paramhans Yoganand, and started reading his books and performing his kind of meditation. Thanks to this, she began to feel settled. But once again, embarking on a spiritual journey did not mean that she was choosing to be a sanyasi - Achla wasn't reinforcing anybody's stereotypes here too! She carried on with her career alongside, and took it newer heights. She was now equipped with positivity to counter the negativity in her life.

The deeper she delved into herself during this spiritual journey, the more she was able to project onto the outside world. Her creativity peaked. Ideas for the next big event would come to her through meditation. One example of such is when she thought of incorporating song and dance into her ramp-walk routine. While it was mocked at the time, it seemed to be the rage 10 years later. Achla was clearly doing great things, but never once with the intention of pleasing someone else.

In 2010, her guru Yoganandji led her to her present guru, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand. In her journey to healing, he was the summit. And under his guidance, she transformed completely. With that, what started as a five-day course evolved into a 15 year long pursuit! “I consider myself lucky to have some great gurus guiding me,” she says. “There is more to come, I know. New chapters shall unveil themselves."

It is this insatiable desire for more, and an ability to put up a show in every role she dons, that makes Achla the unique and strong woman she is. And it is this characteristic that women who know her story should vie for.

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