Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

The Rights Fighter

Neither feminist nor masculinist… Deepika believes in being a humanist first. Hence, she fights for the rights of both genders, equally.

Women’s rights is the cause of the century - equal pay, equal treatment, equal opportunity. And it’s because Deepika is unequivocally pro-feminism, that she does her bit to keep intact the meaning of ‘feminism’. And that doesn’t just mean fighting for the benefit of women, but rather for the equal rights of all sexes. For just that, she dedicates her energy towards men’s rights.

A director by profession, Deepika has ingrained in herself the instinct to look where no one else is looking. So while the camera is pointed at women’s issues of late, her viewfinder has its focus on the men. We’re talking about wrongful accusations, sexual abuse, unreported harassments and the misuse of dowry laws - issues that date as far back as the issues of women. And she addresses these topics through the medium she knows best - films.

But don’t misunderstand her! She isn’t taking sides! She believes in balancing the scales, and giving every voice, irrespective of sex, age, race or orientation, a chance to be heard. She believes that it isn’t men vs. women - often, the framing of these innocent men affects their wives and children as well.

Deepika is here to lift the Horn Effect that often applies to men in cases of abuse. And with that, she strives to uplift the stereotypical mindsets that exist in society!

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