Manya Adlakha

The Youngest Entrepreneur

Manya is a socially acclaimed business woman with a reputation for excellence. She is the founder of Seven Vows and is in great demand as a speaker at wedding and business conferences and as a consultant for venues and hotels. She is a versatile person trying her hand at various activities ranging from photography to becoming the author of her own book.

Manya Adlakha is a woman with an insight. She paved her own path to achieve the goals she set for herself, proving her worth and bringing her satisfaction. Starting at the age of 11, she struck a balance between managing her own studies and taking on her father’s role while he was abroad trying to earn a livelihood for the family.

Whilst pursuing her graduation, she defined her own parameters to be an inspiration for girls who are discriminated against on the basis of their sex and not able to exercise their rights in various walks of life. She is a post-graduate in journalism and mass-communication from Amity University. She participated in a student exchange programme with Kent State University, Ohio, USA. She highlighted feature stories on Women Empowerment and Home Coming celebrations at the Kent State University, Presidential polling campaigns and was a hands-on anchor for TV Sports Kent States.

Having gone through a gamut of activities like being a child tutor, feminist leading masses, fighting for the right to education for slum children, show anchor, voice modulator, scriptwriter, editor, journalist and so on, she is now the youngest entrepreneur for luxury destination weddings.

Managing productions, B2B, B2C, Travel shows, MICE events for acclaimed entertainment and print industries like Kingdom of Dreams, Times of India, Durgadas Publications, Vkonect, Buzz Marketing, etc., Manya is persistent in her passion for organizing awe-inspiring shows.

A socially acclaimed business woman with a reputation for excellence, Manya, founder of Seven Vows, is in demand as a speaker at wedding and business conferences, and as a consultant for venues and hotels. "I was born mainstream only to break stereotypes. I ain't a label, I want to be a legacy." is what she asserts.

After experimenting behind the lens as a photographer to being a subject for the photographer, she has explored various options to streamline her passion and carve a niche for her own dreams.

Her guidance for planning and arranging a wedding with style, sophistication and panache will leave you in awe. The all novel redesigned ideas of wedding planning is beautifully presented by her alongside inspirational imagery of actual weddings from across the globe. She provides the bride-to-be detailed advice on money saving techniques, shopping tips, and wedding checklists.

Manya is also writing her own book with tips and insights from some of the best-known names in the international events industry with whom she works alongside when planning big budget weddings; from the fashion famous, leading hoteliers, celebrity florists, photographers and event designers to royalty and stars who would share tips on planning the perfect day.

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