Vaishnavi Talawadekar

Delivering Content-ment Across the Globe

Vaishnavi Talawadekar was following the conventional career path till a finally, at the end of an exhausting day, she realized that a safe job was not her true calling. She went on to set up Mangomonk, a firm that specializes in written content.

Vaishnavi Talawadekar always considered herself the quintessential gypsy. She spent equal parts of her childhood in Delhi, London and Bangalore. Thanks to her father's job, her family lived a bordering-on-nomadic life and she had switched six schools by the time she graduated the twelfth grade. As she grew, her heart became a harbor of experiences, and her pen, a unique tool that allowed her to chronicle each one. Ever since she was old enough to remember coherently, words served as her creative canvas.

Vaishnavi always loved storytelling and for the longest time, she considered a career in some form of content; journalism or mass communication perhaps. And yet, when the time came for her to pick a path, she chose business management. She considered it safe at the time. Her father had taken the same route, and she thought it wiser to follow a tried and tested blueprint. After her MBA, she landed a job in sales and marketing in a telecom conglomerate, and took the beaten path. It was in 2015, after an exhausting day of analyzing Excel sheets that she decided that she’d had enough. Unbeknownst to her, the seeds for ‘Mangomonk’ were sown that day.

Vaishnavi established Mangomonk in April 2016. For many years prior, she had been drawn by the idea of a firm that specialize in written content. The inspiration for Mangomonk stemmed from a void in the content market for powerful, potent storytellers. She had noticed that while there were numerous marketing agencies offering complete content packages, the written content crafted within these often fell short. Mangomonk was created to be rooted exclusively in written content creation.

Vaishnavi is presently anchored in Bangalore and plans to channel her inner wordsmith into various creative avenues in the years to come.

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