Manna Bahadur

A Resilient Voice

Manna Bahadur is a woman with a distinct voice - both, literally and metaphorically. Despite losing one of her most valuable assets at the peak of her career - her ability to speak, she refused to wallow in self pity.

Manna Bahadur is a woman with a distinct voice - both, literally and metaphorically. A well established and recognised anchor for several prestigious shows on Doordarshan, and the scriptwriter for the same, her voice became her identity over the years. A voice that ironically, she lost one day - with no warnings, no goodbyes, no nothing.

Manna was introduced to the world of sound through radio. The All India Radio station in Patna is like her alma mater. She was exposed to its working through family and friends while growing up. So, joining the fraternity was a natural outcome.

Although, breaking into the Television industry as an anchor was tough, what gave her a professional edge was her scriptwriting prowess. Doordarshan favoured her on the merit of her communication skills, spoken as well as written. Her career took off and her voice became popular among the masses. It was at this apex that she inexplicably lost her most valuable asset, her voice.

A distraught Manna succumbed to self-pity, only to discern that it was a futile attempt at self-destruction. She went through speech therapy, diligently practiced yoga and pranayam until slowly, she regained partial control of her voice box. But despite the effort, it was still not broadcast or telecast worthy. So she branched off, expressing herself effectively through various other mediums - penning novels, poems, and even painting. And so ultimately, it was the “voice of calm” in Manna that pulled her through a rough patch and back onto the road to success!

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