Princy Gupta

The Young Entrepreneur

Princy made a bold move in her last year of college, and chose to take a step that very few people of her age would. A great deal of struggles later, she now relishes the sweet taste of success.

Starting your own company is not always easy, yet, I took this step during my last semester of college, and I refused a 10 lakh package from a famous international IT company and another one from one of India’s leading IT establishments. I took a small hall on rent, with my own earnings and savings that I made via blogging. It was decided that I would not take a single penny from my parents. I started work.My friends were enjoying working in big companies and I was struggling in a small city without any experience and money, because it was my startup.

After that, I worked hard and took some projects from the market, but some people didn't pay me for the jobs I did and I incurred a big loss. After that, I took a loan at a high rate of interest and I started working again. My parents were not aware of what was going on with me.

After that, I worked even harder, and in the next three years, I made profits. I paid off the whole loan and saved 10 lakhs. I built a house for my parents in my hometown.

Now after five years, I have one office in Gurgaon, one home, one factory, one car, and my own IT company, Softkiwi.

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