Mangal Barmecha

The Supportive Wife

Mangal was married at the age of 22. Due to a big loss in business, her family suffered a financial setback. She worked hard as a mother of two and even supported her husband to overcome this financial condition.

I am from a simple and well educated family that supports education. We used to live in Ahmednagar district. I completed my M Com. Degree from an Ahmednagar college. I used to spend my time having fun with friends and family.
The moment I turned 22 my family pressurised me to get marry. And after two to three months I got married to a reputed family at Aurangabad.
When I came to my new home after marriage all members in family were new to me. I didn’t know everyone’s nature. As it was a joint family no one was allowed to work outside the home because of all the old and traditional culture followed there. That is why I did not have the chance to prove myself and I learned to adjust to every situation.
After spending time with the family and my husband I completely forgot who I was and what I wanted to do. Then after two to three years I had two children. But my husband faced a big loss and s my family was totally disturbed and our financial condition was poor. I increased my responsibility of taking care of our two children on my own. And my life turned a new path. My husband decided to get a job. I totally supported my husband to overcome this condition. I am also doing a “GRUHUDYOG’ at a small level plus running the family.
I taught my son at the higher education level. He has taken admission for an MBA in order to have a better future. After working so hard, my eldest son got a job just after completing his MBA. Currently, he is working in a reputed company. My second son also completed his MBA after working hard he too is working in a company. My family is now happy and is financially more stable.

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