Shivani Ramdev

Through thick and thin

Life did not give Shivani a choice. She stood up and created her own choice by funding her own educational to live the life she always wanted to live.

This story is about my wife who was born and brought up in a very good family. Everything was quite well until she completed her secondary education when her father fell ill. The illness badly affected the lone source of income and put her future in the lines of uncertainty. Her hard work fetched her admission in a reputed Government college and opened some possibilities for her. Nominal fees and good infrastructure added up support to the otherwise declining funds.

After four years of hard work, she was placed in a good FMCG firm for training (in the west) but the conservative thoughts of her family again restricted her boundaries to her native place. She then decided to give some financial help to her family, so she appeared for an interview for the post of a teacher. Not being in touch with the course for long, posed another failure before her, as she was rejected. She accepted the fact to work hard and apply again. The faculty at her own school gave her another chance considering her brilliance during her academic stage and this time she had every bit of success with her. To expand her earnings, she aligned her spare time with a coaching centre as well.

However, this remained only a small start for her to scale high, to achieve what she deserved or we can say she was only strengthening her base to appear for SSC exam. Next year she appeared for her exams and with God's grace, and of course, her efforts she is now working as a Government Officer. To me, she is not only an inspiration as a fighter in odd hours but also sets an example as for how one needs to analyse one's own strengths and accept the weaknesses and plan to achieve their deserved goals. To absorb such a trough in one's life and still achieve this stage is really a heroic act.

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