S J Grace Rosalind

Lost for words

Her love for language was never met with encouragement. Sadly, like many kids, she too accepted what was dictated. However, years later, she plans to revive her love for the language.

Being the girl child in a middle-class family, my mom faced the same hardship in deciding her career. The dreams of the children born in a middle-class family about their career will mostly be overcome by their parents’ dream on them. My mom’s father was a Mathematics teacher. He wished to specialise her studies in mathematics, instead of her interests in learning English. Everyone around her was also against her dream. After a huge struggle, she got the permission from her father and the chance to pursue her higher studies in English literature. She performed well in her education. Even her father wondered whether she could achieve that much if he would have pushed his own dream over her. Then she dreamt of becoming a radio artist, but the world around her ordered her to become a teacher like her father. As she got failed in her initial attempts in getting a job in All India Radio, her relatives forced her to write Teacher’s Recruitment Board (TRB) Exam. Having no other option, she cleared TRB exam and got appointed as a teacher educator in Block resource centre (BRC) of the Central Government scheme called “Sarva Siksha Abhiyan”.

She started her career in BRC and continued her life with a satisfaction. Again, the society around her ordered her to become a teacher in a school as that is the only job suitable for a woman. So, she got a transfer to a school and now she is taking English classes for 12th standard students in a Government higher secondary school. Now she got satisfied with this life. I wonder how she could sacrifice her various dreams at various stages of her life for the sake of convincing the society around her.

Luckily, I am her son. As she knows very well the pain of losing a dream, she let me decide my career and gave me full freedom to my education. Even though the same society is against my dream too, she boldly stood up for me and let me decide my career. I’ve taken a field on my own wish and working towards my dream in it. I will surely achieve my dream one day. On that day, I will proudly say that the woman behind my success is my mother. I need to do something for her in my life. I asked her “What is your dream right now?” With a gentle smile, she narrated her above mentioned biography and said: “A woman in this society is not even having the freedom to dream”. I finally made her reveal her current dream that she is willing to write and publish a book in the theme of “Listening to others”. I wish her dream to be fulfilled soon.

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